We initiate a project with extensive research to lay the groundwork for the entire process. When we feel at home in your world we develop ideas, concepts, and strategies in alignment with your vision. Next, we start the design process where ideas take shape and, as the project moves along, the solid form emerges. When design, art and copy is all in place we examine results, analyze and make final changes with the help of your insights.


We start by listening to you to be able understand your venture, ideas, and niche. We get to know your customers, their aspirations, and ambitions. We map out your terrain and look at things through your eyes. When we feel at home in your world we are ready to create.

  • 25% 25%

Develop dreams

Next we set up goals, both in terms of soft values but also in real numbers. We develop ideas, concepts, and strategies you need to deeper connect with your existing customers and reach new potential target groups.

  • 35% 35%

Design with purpose

At this point we know how to reach your goals, implement strategies, design concepts, and how to develop the look and feel of the new page. We work on ideas and drafts until we find the design we are looking for.

  • 40% 40%

Engage people

We use a number of methods to measure the impact and understand what happens in practice. Through analysis we make sure our strategy is working. We look at hard numbers and adjust where needed to secure the success of your online presence.

  • 100% 100%